Long Distance Learning Courses


Hyde Park College of Skin and Body Therapy Long Distance Learning students are expected to complete their studies within a 16 month period in Beautician or Body Therapy studies. Shorter courses require shorter completion times. Please contact the College for this information.

After your enrolment your Text Book, HPC learner Guides, your work books and CD Roms will be sent to you along with your assignments. Upon completion of each assignment, you will need to forward them to the College for marking. When the papers are marked they will be returned to you with results and any comments.

The Theory unit assessments will be conducted at the College or may be invigilated by a person outside the College in the area you live and the invigilator will be chosen by the College. This external assessment away from college process will be upon discussion with the College if required and if there is a charge from the external invigilator will need to be paid for by the student.

The Final theory paper will be conducted at the College. Papers will be marked and you will be notified of your results.

The Practical assessment must be conducted at the College. You will need to make arrangements with the Correspondence Co-ordinator for a time suitable to both. You are welcome to attend the College throughout the duration of your course from time to time outside your attendance programme.

This will allow you the opportunity to get assistance to correct your techniques, give you encouragement and confidence in your knowledge and skills. Please notify us if you wish to attend other classes so that we can arrange for your participation.

You will be contacted periodically regarding your progress and if you need any assistance, you can contact us by phone or email.

We also offer assistance in getting you started in the beauty industry, by way of guidance and who to contact for further information such as Associations, Insurance, products etc.

Our experience and Beauty Industry knowledge guarantees your learning success.

To read more about this course, please read our Long Distance Learning Booklet (PDF)

Prices on application. Please phone or email College for latest information and duration of all courses at 0412 402045 or info@hydeparkbeauty.com.au