Spa Therapy



• Brief History of SPA
• Hydro Therapy Pools
• Hydro Therapy Baths and Tubs
• Hydro Massage
• Hydro Therapy Baths and Tubs Choice
• CO2 Baths, O2 Baths, Brine Baths
• Dead Sea Mud Treatments
• Dead Sea Waters
• Moor Peat Therapy
• Moor Baths
• Seaweed
• Hydro Tub Standard Operating Procedure(SOP’s)
• Under Water Massage
• Hydrotherapy Showers
• Scotch Hose
• Vichy Shower
• Mineral Springs, New Zealand and Australia
• Balneotherapy
• Body Wraps
• Heat Treatments
• Saunas
• Infra-Red Saunas
• Steam Rooms and Baths
• SPA terminology

Assignments are also part of this 180 hour training programme.

A paper on water supply totaling 2,500 words is required prior to the completion of this course.

• Identifying the origin and development of spa
• Understanding spa principles and therapies
• Confirming the spa program
• Preparing the service area
• Identifying and preparing products and equipment
• Preparing the client

Full time and part time requires practice at home out of College training hours.

Practical and Theory Assessments are carried out one week after the course has finished.

To read more about this course, please read our Spa Training Course Booklet (PDF).

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